Humans of Rome

"I had lived all my life as an engineer before I visited Međugorje. There I realized that I wanted to explore my spirituality and I thought that I'd do it through one of my greatest interest, music. I didn't know what to do with my money anymore so I invested them all in stocks and I traveled to Sicily where I began playing guitar in a church. Then I moved to Rome to study theology. My stocks were worth over a million dollars, but I decided to ignore them and keep studying theology and playing at Santa Maria Maggiore. Everyday I got the food that the grocery stores would throw away, but that was still good. I gave it to a monastery, kept some for me, and ate it inside my tent in a remote area of the suburbs. I had a really long beard and the people in the neighborhood were afraid of me, so they called the police and they sent me away. Meanwhile my stocks dropped and I ended up with no money at all. I went to the monastry looking for help and they found me a place to stay, here in the basement of this ancient roman building."

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